HYDRIVE unveils new package design and adds new flavor


RYE, NY, January 5, 2009 — The newest entry in the HYDRIVE enhanced water energy drinks line-up is HYDRIVE A – kiwi strawberry – alertness formula. Like the other HYDRIVE enhanced water energy drinks, it has just 30 calories per bottle (6 grams of sugar), 100% of four B-Vitamins, and is designed to deliver energy without the jitters. It comes in a 15.5 oz proprietary bottle with a bold and colorful new label design.

HYDRIVE A has a proprietary alertness formula which contains guarana, panax ginseng, caffeine, electrolytes, amino acids, taurine and B vitamins. “HYDRIVE A has a terrific kiwi strawberry flavor and is specially formulated to boost alertness” says Brian O’Byrne, CEO of HYDRIVE Energy LLC. “We also significantly upgraded the packaging design for the entire line and the reaction from our customers has been outstanding. We expect 2009 to be a great year for HYDRIVE,” O’Byrne concludes.

HYDRIVE ENERGY LLC was founded in 2006 by beverage executives Mike Weinstein (former CEO Snapple Beverages) and Brian O’Byrne (former CEO Yoo-hoo/Orangina). The company is headquartered in Rye, N.Y., and is focused on bringing healthier energy products to market. For more information, visit www.hydriveenergy.com.