Potencia Energy SHOT & Bebida Beverages add to portfolio again


MOORESVILLE, North Carolina August 4, 2009) – (bbda.pk) Potencia USA llc and Bebida Beverages have announced today The latest addition to the combined product portfolio POTENCIA BLAST ENERGY SHOT has arrived and is ready to be shipped. Entering into this extremely hot beverage segment only signifies a solid corporate direction with solid functional drinks in its developing portfolio. With the industry doubling from a 370 million a year to over 700 million dollars this year POTENCIA BLAST is sure to be a huge hit as its new tasty berry flavor and bilingual packaging make a unique product in this category. “This was a natural process for us to market our ever growing brand POTENCIA with this type product. Having one of only a very short list of bilingual products assures us of premier placement” said President Brian Weber.

Next up for the dynamic duo of Potencia USA & Bebida Beverages is the much anticipated and slightly behind schedule KOMA UNWIND “Chillaxation Drink & Shot” tm. These two items are entering into another rapidly growing industry of Relax or Anti energy beverages category. “We fell a little behind our own set schedule on these products vying for quality vs. speed to market as we weren’t completely satisfied with our packaging and final flavors” said Brian Weber. “We are now in the final stages of development and excited it’s getting very close now to full production.” added Brian.

Look for the HIGH speed marketing campaign Potencia and Bebida products are involved with in its NASCAR Camping World Truck series sponsorship to tout the new Potencia & Koma Unwind products.

POTENCIA BLAST Energy Shot is a 2 oz berry flavored Energy Shot with no Calories or sugar.

POTENCIA Energy Drink is a 3 year old all natural fruit energy drink developed for Latino’s but loved by everyone! With the initial flavor of Tamarind and the second flavor mandarin due out soon.

Bebida Beverages Co. Is the maker and developer of several beverages including: Piranha Water, Guppy Water, Koma Unwind (Chillaxation Beverage) and Koma Shot.

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