ScienceBlogs Ends Pepsi Experiment

ScienceBlogs turned out to be Food Frontiers' final frontier.

The PepsiCo-sponsored blog was shut down by the ScienceBlogs editorial staff on Thursday following a week of outrage by the site's constituent contributors. Most of the anger had been directed at the site's editors for allowing a discussion of nutrition to be sponsored by a food company many of them consider a contributor to a growing domestic obesity problem.

"We have removed Food Frontiers from SB," according to a note posted by the site editors. "We apologize for what some of you viewed as a violation of your immense trust in ScienceBlogs. Although we (and many of you) believe strongly in the need to engage industry in pursuit of science-driven social change, this was clearly not the right way."

From Pepsi's perspective, the attempt at outreach is one that the company would like to continue, although perhaps on a different stage, according to spokesman Jeff Dahncke.

"Our Food Frontiers blog joined the ScienceBlogs community to promote discussion of how nutrition science can address global health challenges," Dahncke wrote in a message to BevNET.  "While some members did not see the site as an appropriate venue for a blog sponsored by a food and beverage company, we remain fully committed to engaging directly with the scientific community to improve public health."

The two-day archives of the Food Frontiers blog are now no longer available on the ScienceBlogs site. PepsiCo does maintain its own blog by the same name on its internal social media site.