Go Fast Sports & Beverage Company Has Expanded its Hybrid Energy Line

Denver, CO (August 18, 2010) – Go Fast Sports & Beverage Company’s ongoing dedication to consumer demand for higher quality, healthier, and better tasting energy drinks, has inspired the company to continue expansion with their Energy Hybrid Line.  The two new flavors, Go Fast Berry Energy, and Go Fast Lemonade-Lime Energy, have been added to their existing line of Hybrid Energy Drinks, which includes Go Fast Coconut Energy, and Go Fast Energy Tea. 

The Go Fast Energy Hybrid line contains less than half the calories of most other energy drinks, and even with the Energy Hybrid Beverages being lower in calories, they still offer a full flavor.  The Go Fast Hybrids feature Ribose, and Go Fast’s Proprietary Herbal Blend, as well as Electrolytes to assist with Hydration and Recovery.  As with all Go Fast Beverages, the Energy Hybrid Line contains no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives, no aspartame, just a premium blend of ingredients designed to provide sustained, balanced energy, without the “jittery crash” that people experience with most other energy drinks.

Kevin Conrad, Go Fast’s Executive Vice President and Director of North American Sales and Distribution offered the following “The new Go Fast Energy Hybrid beverages are natural, and contain no preservatives, and with the new Energy Hybrid Line, our sweetener system incorporates all-natural Stevia.”  Conrad went on to say “People are drinking healthier these days.  The Energy Hybrid line furthers Go Fast’s dedication to developing the highest quality, healthy energy drinks”.

The Go Fast Lifestyle is becoming a global phenomenon.  From its base in Denver, Colorado, the Go Fast Brands have expanded to such countries as Holland, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, Belgium, Aruba, Tahiti, New Zealand, Switzerland, Brazil, and Hungary.  Conrad added “The Go Fast Energy Hybrid Line is light, refreshing, and functional.  We feel we have created the world’s most perfect energy drink!”

We are an Authentic Lifestyle; an independent brandin an industry full of corporate giants.  On any given day you find a member of the World-Wide Go Fast staff skydiving, B.A.S.E. jumping, racing motorcycles, snowboarding and living the Go Fast Lifestyle.  The Go Fast brand appeals to people who have a passion for living life a little on the edge, and the products speak to the audience’s adventurous attitude.  Go Fast supports professional and amateur athletes in a variety of sports as well as those who just live a Go Fast Lifestyle.  No other company does extreme the way Go Fast does!  Not only does Go Fast have the products and means to support the fast lifestyles, but they live it in everything they do.  From Jet Pack flights across the globe, to B.A.S.E. jumping events, to auto racing, to stunts like the human slingshot and the world’s tallest bungee, Go Fast supports the people and the athletes that want and strive, to live life on the edge.  Go Fast Sports and Beverage Company is not just a company, IT’S A STYLE, IT’S AN ATTITUDE….IT’S A WAY OF LIFE!

For more information on Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co. please visit www.GoFastSports.com