PoP Shoppe Announces Partnership with Tri-State Juice

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO – November 16, 2011– The PoP Shoppe – Canada’s best-selling premium soda – today announced its sales partnership with Ohio-based distributor Tri-State Juice. The alliance gives the iconic PoP Shoppe brand a retail presence in key Midwestern territories including the Cincinnati, Dayton, Louisville and Lexington markets.

“We are excited to have Pop Shoppe in our portfolio,” commented Tri-State Juice VP Joe Steele. “It’s a great brand in this growing specialty soda category, plus there is a real history and nostalgia behind the PoP Shoppe brand.”

Tri-State Juice will carry The PoP Shoppe’s entire product line, which includes PoP Shoppe Cherry Cola, Cola, Cream Soda, Grape, Lime Ricky, Orange, Pineapple and Root Beer flavors, packaged in their original “stubby” glass bottles.

“We are excited to have such a quality distributor to handle distribution in these important markets,” said Paul Richards, The PoP Shoppe’s VP of U.S. Sales.

The PoP Shoppe’s alliance with Tri-State Juice is one of many recent partnerships for the Canadian brand as it continues to expand across the US. The premium PoP Shoppe beverage line is now available at retailers throughout Minnesota, Utah and California. The PoP Shoppe is also set to unveil new formulations of its classic flavors, made with pure cane sugar, in the New Year.

The PoP Shoppe story began in 1969, when two Canadian entrepreneurs began selling Soda, in a unique variety of flavors, at independent PoP Shoppe retail outlets. Customers would return their empty bottles each week, in recognizable red PoP Shoppe branded crates, for a refund, and then pickup fresh bottles for their families.