Boylan Bottling Company Debuts Winter Wonderbox of Seasonal Favorites

Variety Pack Promises a Boylan Holiday Celebration in Every Box

TETERBORO, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Boylan Bottling Company has introduced its Winter Wonderbox Seasonal Variety 12-Pack, available only for a limited time through the end of December. This winter mix features seasonally appropriate favorites, Ginger Ale and Creamy Red Birch Beer, as well as Boylan stalwarts Root Beer and Black Cherry.

“During a season that is all about celebration, Boylan variety packs make a lot of sense,” says Martin Kelly, CEO of Boylan Bottling Co. “Whether you want to treat your family to something special around the holidays, or you need a hostess gift that’s a little different to take to that dinner party you’ve been invited to, our Winter Wonderbox has something for everyone. It’s also a great gift for anyone who enjoys handcrafted, small batch beverages. We’ve seen how seasonals and variety packs have taken off in the craft beer category, and we believe they’re the future for craft sodas as well,” added Kelly.

“Boylan has always been about sodas and flavors that are authentic, and we have some great ones so fitting for the season. Ginger Ale is always a popular holiday choice and our Creamy Red Birch Beer, with its balance of spicy and creamy vanilla notes, is also perfect this time of year,” says Kristin Krumpe, Chief Fizzionary at Boylan. “Root Beer and Black Cherry are favorites that will guarantee something to satisfy everyone’s taste.”

The Boylan Winter Wonderbox, with graphics inspired by vintage wrapping paper, is certain evoke nostalgic memories of a time when things were simpler, more honest, and well-made. “We are still making Boylan soda the same way it was crafted 120 years ago, with natural flavors and pure cane sugar,” says Kelly.

The Boylan Winter Wonderbox is available in select retail stores, as well as on the website, through the end of December.

About Boylan

Boylan Bottling Company has been making sodas in small batches since 1891. Our Sodamasters use home grown recipes, pure cane sugar, the highest quality ingredients, and glass bottles to insure freshness and proper carbonation. We are proud of our bold, flavorful sodas, and we hope you enjoy them. Cheers.