PoP Shoppe’s Reach Expands into Connecticut and Rhode Island

Portland, OR – February 21, 2012 – Re-born retro soda The PoP Shoppe today announced new alliances with distributors in the Northeastern US, bringing their beverages into the Connecticut and Rhode Island markets. Rogo Distributors and both the Connecticut and Rhode Island divisions of Northeast Beverage Corp are now carrying PoP Shoppe’s eight flavor lineup – Cream Soda, Lime Ricky, Black Cherry, Root Beer, and Orange – now made with pure cane sugar. The alliances with these distributors will allow PoP Shoppe to enjoy full coverage of both states.

“The PoP Shoppe is thrilled to be partnering with our new distributors in the northeast,” said VP of Sales Paul Richards. “The millions of PoP Shoppe fans in these territories can now enjoy a taste of their childhood, and we’re excited to introduce our sodas to younger consumers.

The PoP Shoppe story began in 1969, when two entrepreneurs began selling soda in a unique variety of flavors, at independent PoP Shoppe retail outlets. Customers would return their empty bottles each week in recognizable, red PoP Shoppe-branded crates for a refund, and then pick-up fresh bottles for their families. Over the next several years, The PoP Shoppe was operating over 1000 stores in North America. In the early 1980’s, The PoP Shoppe closed its doors, largely due to competition from private label grocery brands. Gone are the stand-alone PoP Shoppe depots but you can find tasty PoP Shoppe sodas at premium grocery and convenience stores throughout the US.

For more information on The Pop Shoppe, visit their Webby-winning website www.ThePoPShoppe.com.