Boylan Bottling Co. Introduces Shirley Temple Soda

TETERBORO, N.J. — Boylan Bottling Co. has introduced its first new flavor in several years, in the form of a limited edition Shirley Temple soda. Boylan’s take on the nostalgic “mock-tail” features a ginger ale base, with dark sweet cherry and a secret ingredient or two. “We wanted our Shirley Temple to honor the original ginger-ale based recipes from the 1930s,” says Kristin Krumpe, Chief Fizzionary at Boylan. “We’d also heard of Boylan fans making quickie Shirley Temples by mixing two of our most popular flavors – Black Cherry and Ginger Ale – so this just made sense all around.”

“Many of us remember enjoying a Shirley Temple as a child, usually out to dinner celebrating a special occasion,” added Krumpe. “That’s a tradition we want to foster…grownups reliving memories and making new ones with their kids.” Boylan is already seeing some traction there: when news of Shirley Temple was leaked on their Facebook page, fans started e-mailing the company to find out how they could get it in time for their child’s birthday party or bar mitzvah.

Boylan also debuts their new seasonal Soda Master Select line of variety packs this month with the launch of Cane Classics: Vol 1, featuring a 12-bottle mix of Root Beer, Black Cherry, Cane Cola and the limited release Shirley Temple. “Our Cane Classics variety pack is a celebration of traditional soda flavors made with pure cane sugar, the way all soda used to be and is supposed to be made,” says Martin Kelly, CEO of Boylan Bottling Co. “This will be our first time featuring a seasonal release flavor in the variety pack, which definitely adds some excitement to this package,” added Kelly.

Both Boylan Shirley Temple and the Cane Classics variety pack will be available at retail starting in February. Consumers can locate Boylan products, including Seasonals, using the website’s Soda Seeker at order from the Boylan web store. Supplies are limited, but consumers should not despair. Once these sell out there are more seasonal flavors and variety packs in the pipeline for 2013.

About Boylan:

Boylan Bottling Company has been making sodas in small batches since 1891. Our Sodamasters use home grown recipes, pure cane sugar, the highest quality ingredients, and glass bottles to insure freshness and proper carbonation. We are proud of our bold, flavorful sodas, and we hope you enjoy them. Cheers.