FLUROwater Appoints Greg Rayburn as New CEO

flurowaterNew York, NY – January 8, 2015 – FLUROwater, an innovative nutrient-infused bottled water with 12 essential nutrients and vitamins, announced yesterday the appointment of their new Chief Executive Officer, Greg Rayburn, who will strongly focus on the continued roll-out and expansion of the Company’s beverage line.  Rayburn who first joined the Company’s Board of Directors as Chairman in September, will bring a wealth of experience to the FLUROwater brand having most recently served as Chairman and CEO of Hostess Brands.

With over 30 years of management and corporate leader experience, Rayburn joins a well-diversified and highly qualified team of professionals as well as a unique brand driven to promote health and wellness.

“As our company and brand continues to expand and develop, it was imperative to have someone on our team that not only had a robust background, but also shared the same ideals and saw how we, as a brand, could continue to be successful,” says Dr. Todd O’Gara, Founder and President of FLUROwater.  “It is a great pleasure to welcome Greg Rayburn to the team and the FLUROwater family.”

“I am both thrilled and honored to be a part of the young and fast-growing company that is FLUROwater,” says Mr. Rayburn.  “Dr. Todd O’Gara and his entire team’s vision is truly inspiring. This product is truly best in class and we are rapidly gaining national traction.  I expect 2015 to be a huge year for FLUROwater.

Rayburn, a graduate of University of Alabama with a Master of Arts degree in Accounting, also served as CEO of Magna Entertainment, CEO of Syntax-Brillian and CEO of International Outsourcing Services. He is also a frequent contributor to top news outlets including Bloomberg TV and FOX Business News.

For more information on FLUROwater, please visit www.flurowater.com.

About FLUROwater

FLUROwater is WATER + NUTRITION. Infused with 12 essential nutrientsthe vitamin packed formula gives a head start on healthy living with zero sugar, preservatives, or dyes. FLUROwater is a great source of fiber with 6 grams per bottle and is less than 10 calories per serving. Above all, FLUROwater tastes great and comes in 5 natural flavors such as, Dark Cherry, Kiwi Cucumber, Macoun Apple, Watermelon Raspberry, and Peach Passion.