WANU Now Available at Vitamin Shoppe

118548923.wanu.dark.frontLOS ANGELES, July 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — WANU, the maker of the innovative vitamin, antioxidant, and fiber infused water today announced that its nutrient rich, sugar-free beverage is now available in more than 450 Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide, as well as in the Company’s Super Supplements locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Product is also available online at both www.vitaminshoppe.com andwww.supersup.com.

“We are excited to work with the Vitamin Shoppe to provide people across the country with the chance to experience a great tasting, nutritious beverage with zero preservatives or dyes,” said Dr. Todd M. O’Gara, WANU’s founder and president. “We created WANU with a core mission to bring nutritious, healthy living options to people who need them. The Vitamin Shoppe has been promoting healthy lifestyle options to its customers for years and is a great fit for WANU.”

WANU’s unique nutrient formula is a combination of vitamins, fiber and minerals intended to promote general health and serve as a convenient support to your daily vitamin intake, making it the perfect addition to the Vitamin Shoppe.

Consumers will find that WANU not only tastes great, but is also a good source of fiber (6 grams per bottle) and contains 12 vitamins and nutrients (WANU contains 11 of the 13 vitamins deemed essential by the Academy of Science). As a healthier alternative to sugary sports drinks and beverages, WANU is naturally sweetened with a flavorful monk-fruit and stevia blend. The Vitamin Shoppe now offers Peach Passion and Watermelon Raspberry WANU.

About WANU

WANU (short for WAter+NUtrition) is a great-tasting, innovative bottled water, infused with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. WANU is low calorie, sugar-free and contains 11 of the 13 vitamins deemed essential by the Academy of Science. Los Angeles, CA-based, WANU was created by Dr. Todd M. O’Gara in 2012 after he witnessed first-hand the detrimental effects caused by the lack of access to proper nutrition and clean drinking water around the world. Please visit www.wanuwater.com for more information.