Agua Brands Announces Website Launch and New Marketing Campaign Kick-off

BETHPAGE, NY (PRWEB) MARCH 21, 2016 — Agua Brands is pleased to announce its website launch,, in conjunction with a new marketing campaign following the rapid expansion of the business both nationally and internationally. The campaign includes an updated logo, company icon and tagline, all of which translate Agua’s objective of reinvented hydration with great taste, low calories and powerful electrolytes for the ‘water-bored’ consumer.


The new look and campaign tagline: “THE NEW BEVERAGE: Hydration for the water-bored” speaks to the brand’s core DNA with captivating images that promote an active lifestyle. “The newly launched website is an interactive space for like-minded consumers to learn more about hydration through the world of Agua Brands on its community and product pages making this the brand’s most exciting time,” says Agua Brand’s founder Carol Dollard.

Agua Active Hydration is the first no-gimmick, healthy, low-calorie and ultra hydrating water with guarana berry, a natural source of caffeine. Each bottle contains about the same amount of caffeine as your morning cup of joe. It is available in Tea and Lemonade, Kiwi Strawberry, Fruit Punch, Orange Passion and Pomegranate Acai flavors for the always on-the-go active marketplace seeking healthy, functional beverage solutions powered by hydration and of course low calories. The recently-launched zero calorie, zero sugar Agua Fruit Essence line is available in six delicious flavors, Lemon + Cucumber, Lime + Mint Mojito, Peach + Mango, Orange + Pineapple, Cranberry + Grapefruit and Grape + Watermelon packed with electrolytes for the water-bored consumer to enjoy the recommended 8 glasses of water a day.

Visit to learn more about the world of Agua Brands and its mission to create THE NEW BEVERAGE of reinvented hydration for the water-bored marketplace.

About Agua Brands Agua Brands was launched by founder Dr. Carol Dollard, Ph.D., former Chief Operating Officer of Glacéau (vitaminwater), and former Glacéau CFO Michael Venuti, who serves as President. Dr. Dollard played a primary role in the development creation and ultimate success of Vitamin Water and, prior to that, oversaw worldwide ingredients and flavors at Pepsi-Cola. She and Venuti drew on their experience of enhanced waters and energy drinks to introduce a new beverage category offering maximum hydration for health-minded consumers. Both brands are available in select grocery stores, fresh markets and online at For more information, please visit or follow Agua Brands at, or on Twitter at