CHERRiSH Expands Distribution with CoreMark

SEATTLE — CHERRiSH, the only US-grown 100% Montmorency Cherry and Bing Cherry Juice announced today that it will be available in CoreMark-serviced convenience stores through a new distribution deal. The initial rollout will be in 200 stores in Nevada and Arizona with other regions to follow in the coming weeks.

“As demand for health and wellness in the convenience channel continues to grow, we’re excited to work with CoreMark to introduce CHERRiSH to their convenience store partners,” said Dan Haggart, founder and CEO of CHERRiSH. “We are confident that CHERRiSH will stand out with its strong health benefits and taste profile to be a big seller in the channel.”

More than 50 studies have documented the health benefits of Montmorency cherries, including anti-inflammatory and muscle recovery, increased antioxidant support and improved sleep.

CHERRiSH is made from 100% US-grown cherries, and it is the only beverage to pack the entire cherry in the bottle – both the skin and pulp – to retain all nutrients from the cherries. Each 12oz. bottle of CHERRiSH contains juice from a combination of 96 Montmorency and Bing cherries. Available in Cherry Original, Cherry Pomegranate and Cherry Blueberry flavors, it has no added apple juice, fillers or added sugars. The drink is also non-GMO, gluten-free and has a low-glycemic index.

“Our customers are increasingly looking for quality, healthy, flavor-rich alternatives for their beverage cold cases,” said Mark Vrabel, Division Manager of CoreMark. “With its proven benefits and flavor offerings, our customers will love what CHERRiSH provides.”

CHERRiSH is requested by top performance athletes, used by professional and collegiate teams to support training regimens and recovery as well as valued by people seeking a refreshing and rejuvenating beverage to contribute to overall health and wellness.


Founded in Bellevue, Wash, CHERRiSH harnesses the power of U.S.-grown Montmorency cherries to develop delicious and nutritious products. Its CHERRiSH cherry juice line is available in three delicious flavors: Cherry Original, Cherry Pomegranate and Cherry Blueberry and offers potent anti-inflammatory, muscle recovery and sleep benefits. It’s the only US-grown Montmorency and Bing cherry juice in the industry to feature the entire cherry, offering the highest level of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties on the market. For more information, visit,