Purpose Company Launches Five New Purple Tea Flavors

DALLAS– Purpose Tea, the first brand of ready-to-drink (RTD) purple tea available to consumers in the United States, is launching five new flavors into the market. Ranging from Hint of Sweet with Watermelon Mint to an Unsweetened version with Coconut Lime, there is an ideal option for even the most discernable palette.

Purple tea is a naturally organic and non-GMO tea variety of the common tea leaf, Camellia sinensis, and is grown exclusively in Kenya and picked exclusively by female tea pickers. Proceeds from sales of Purpose Company’s purple teas goes towards the Kenyan female tea pickers to bolster their income and provide independence and security that is rarely offered in the region.

“Purpose Tea is poised and positioned to make 2019 a strategic growth year. We believe the expansion of this line speaks to the demand from consumers and highlights exciting new flavor trends in the category,” said Chi Nguyen, founder and CEO of the Purpose Company. “We are aiming to work with retailers who want to provide a category breakthrough innovation in the ready-to-drink tea market and make a difference with our social impact initiative of ending female poverty. Through working together, we know we can do both.”

Purple tea contains 15 times more anthocyanins than blueberries, and fifty one percent antioxidants while green tea contains only thirty four percent. Plus, Purpose Purple Tea’s Hint of Sweet products contain only sixty to eighty calories per sixteen-ounce bottle.

The depth of the new flavors ranges from the Hint of Sweet category including: Watermelon Mint and Grapefruit Lime & Sea Salt. The unsweetened new flavors include: Simply Purple; Blood Orange; and, Coconut Lime.

Not only is Purpose Tea focusing on offering exciting new purple tea flavors, but in the process of refreshing their current website, social media and taking their marketing to a new level with out-of-the-store sampling opportunities, ambassador programs, recipe ideas and more…all with one mission in mind, to end female poverty across the globe.

“Every tea bottle purchased fuels a young tea picker’s future by providing access to land ownership so they can improve their lives. Our goal is audacious and powerful, just like our teas,” says Nguyen. “We’re excited about the new focus and bold mission of our company and are ready to show our retail partners the power of purple.”

Purpose Purple Teas are available at Wegmans, Market Street stores and other natural grocers in the Midwest and Texas. The brand will soon launch in other retail locations in California markets. For more information visit, purposetea.com.

About Purpose Tea

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Purpose Tea is a beverage company powered by social purpose whose vision is to use business as a catalyst for good in the world. Their mission-driven business powers healthier lives by empowering the most vulnerable in the business of tea, female tea pickers, and providing better-for-you beverages in the form of antioxidant-rich, ready-to-drink purple teas. Visit purposetea.com.