VIVIC Sparkling Coffee Now Available Online and in Northern California Retailers

SONOMA, Calif.– Headquartered in Sonoma, California, VIVIC is a new innovative producer of direct trade sparkling coffees, which are now available for purchase directly from their website and through their distributor, Rock Island Refrigerated Beverage. VIVIC’s line of sparkling coffees includes three flavors—original, sarsaparilla and lavender—each containing only 8 g of organic cane sugar. The sparkling coffees are packaged in individual BPA-free aluminum cans, which retail for $2.99.

“VIVIC evolved from passion, purpose, and a deep love for extraordinary coffee,” said Graham Gould, co-founder of VIVIC. “We noticed an opportunity in the marketplace for a sparkling coffee that was both low in sugar and provided unique flavor profiles not yet seen in the sparkling coffee category.”

Starting with direct trade coffee beans from Guillermo Moran, a fifth-generation farmer in El Salvador, all three VIVIC sparkling coffee flavors—Original, Sarsaparilla and Lavender—are brewed with pure spring water, a hint of licorice root and just 8 g of organic cane sugar. The Sarsaparilla and Lavender are infused with quality roots and botanicals to create innovative flavor combinations with carbonation.

“Licorice root is an ancient ingredient used by the Greeks, Eqyptians, Chinese and Hindus for its medicinal qualities,” said Louis Abruzzese, co-founder of VIVIC. “We love it because it enhances the perceived sweetness of our coffees, allowing the eight grams of sugar per can to taste like it contains more. Best part is, the flavor of licorice root is actually quite subtle, despite popular belief. It pairs perfectly with coffee, adding to the sweetness without any noticeable licorice flavor.”

VIVIC launched its sparkling coffee line with natural food retailers in Northern California. A complete list of retailers with VIVIC on their shelves today can be found on their website ( In addition to being available in Northern California retailers, VIVIC is also available for purchase directly through the company’s website.

Additional sparkling coffee recipes will be introduced in the second quarter of 2019, and the brand has plans to expand beyond Northern California into other surrounding markets by the end of the year.

“Our goal is to create products that have a positive impact on both the consumer and all the stakeholders,” said Gould. “We’ll do this by keeping our minds open and continuing our research and innovation.”


VIVIC is a new line of ready-to-drink, direct trade sparkling coffees that are low in sugar and available in natural food retailers throughout Northern California. For more information about VIVIC, visit or follow @drinkvivic on Instagram and Facebook.