June 2 - 3, 2015
New York, NY
BEVNET LIVE SUMMER 2015: JUNE 2 + 3, 2015, NYC
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BevNET Live: Marketing Functional Claims That Sell

If there’s a lasting thread through the beverage brandscape of the past decade that continues to drive innovation, it’s function. Brands of all size and maturity are deploying functional ingredients, technologies and formulas in an effort to establish both efficacious products and separation from their competition.

But even after creating a working functional claim, the road to a marketable product can be a long one. That’s why a technical edge may not necessarily lead to a winning brand: if the functional claim fails to translate into something consumers can understand — or enjoy — the outlay for research is for naught.


Nevertheless, it’s a fine line: an overly ambitious marketing claim, one that leaves a brand open to litigation or regulatory enforcement, can doom a product as surely as a dud ingredient or poor product strategy.

To help brands navigate this terrain, BevNET Live will feature a three-part presentation guiding the audience through the process of proving a claim, devising a marketing strategy around it, and refining it from a legal standpoint. Mike Bush, an executive with leading functional ingredient supplier Ganeden, will discuss the process by which his organization adds new functional claims to its probiotics. Purely Righteous Brands Inc. founder Greg Fleishman, a marketing expert who has created dozens of new products for companies inlcuding Sambazon, Suja, and Temple Turmeric, will speak on the process by which he is able to translate new ingredient or product claims into compelling language. Finally, to make sure the marketing dream doesn’t die, Justin Prochnow, a lawyer with Greenberg, Traurig, LLP will explain the ways he analyzes marketing campaigns for the potential weakness that regulators and plaintiff’s attorneys seek out.

Taken together, the three will provide a framework for walking through claims for all manner of companies, new or established, who are joining the functional footrace.

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About BevNET Live

The BevNET Live program is designed to help entrepreneurial beverage companies of all sizes explore potential strategies for growth while building community. Speakers address the problems and challenges associated with moving across channels of trade, building established organizations, and consider capital structures that can fuel long-term success. Thought leaders like investors, retailers, distributors, suppliers, marketers and entrepreneurs join in moderated conversations and case studies designed to provide executable ideas for innovative beverage companies that are trying to reach their next level, while also sharing and enjoying networking in a highly collegial environment.

About Justin Prochnow

Prochow is an attorney and shareholder in the Denver office of the international law firm Greenberg Traurig. His practice focuses on representing companies in the beverage, food, and dietary supplement and providing assistance on regulatory and legal issues. He reviews labels and packaging, websites and other promotional and advertising materials to ensure that the labels are technically compliant and appropriate claims are being made. He assists many companies with responses to FDA actions like warning letters, inspections and recalls, as well as FTC investigations. He also prepares and reviews industry contracts such as supplier and manufacturing agreements. And lately, he has been defending companies in class action lawsuits over labeling claims like “all natural” filed in California and other states.

About Greg Fleishman

Greg has created and grown some of the world’s largest and most successful brands during his 20-year career – launching 500+ items across 17 food and beverage categories into 12 countries – focusing primarily on the “natural green Space”. Greg is currently president & co-founder of Purely Righteous Brands LLC (PRB), a boutique consultancy dedicated to fostering the growth of “green space” health food & beverage companies, including Earnest Eats, Arctic Zero, Epic Provisions, TEMPLE Turmeric, Tasty Brand and SUJA Juice. Under PRB, Greg served as Chief ofMarketing & Strategy for Suja, the #1 cold-pressured fresh juice brand in the US where he led business strategy, marketing, innovation, and retail customer development. There he positioned the portfolio, created & launched 35 new items (including two sub-brands) and built 3 sales channels. Prior to that, he served as CMO of Sambazon, the maker of fresh amazon superfood-based beverages. As CMO, Greg led marketing, strategy, innovation and business development for Coca-Cola’s FUZE & Energy portfolio. He also worked for over 14 years as an executive marketer at Kashi/Bear Naked and Kelloggs.

About Mike Bush

Michael directs all sales, marketing and strategic business development activities for Ganeden Biotech. He has worked in the healthcare, biotech and bioinformatics arenas and has over 20 years of experience in business, including founding a national business growth consultancy firm, co-founding a national biomedical services firm and leading acquisitions and merger activities for a global medical services company. Michael also serves as a member of the executive board and is Vice President of the International Probiotics Association.

Michael has received numerous awards for his business leadership, including being named one of Crain’s Cleveland Business 40 Most Influential People Under 40, was a four time Weatherhead 100 winner and has been awarded two innovation awards. Michael sits on the boards of several for and not-for profit organizations and is active in regional economic development and entrepreneurial education initiatives. He holds degrees in Biomedical Technology and Business Administration.