June 2 - 3, 2015
New York, NY
BEVNET LIVE SUMMER 2015: JUNE 2 + 3, 2015, NYC
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Dixie Brands’ Tripp Keber to Speak at BevNET Live

The legal marijuana industry is an experiment in many things: civil liberties, values, and regulation, but it’s also an important, vibrant case study in creating and branding a new product class out of what had been an undefined, chaotic, underground market.

The obstacles and challenges are unique to the class of product, but the assignment of brand values to create an orderly category from a broad white space is a compelling area for discussion, and one that holds interesting and usable insights for all manner of entrepreneurial beverage companies.

That’s why BevNET is delighted to announce that Tripp Keber, the CEO and co-founder of Dixie Brands Inc., will be presenting a case study on the considerations and choices that have accompanied the development of the brand during BevNET Live’s New York event on June 2 and 3. The company’s flagship brand, Dixie Elixirs and Edibles, makes more than 100 marijuana-infused products, including sodas, chocolates, topicals and tinctures. Dixie started in 2009 with two employees, and now has over 50 employees and operates in a new, state of the art 30,000 square-foot facility in Denver, Colorado.

As one of Colorado’s largest and best-known licensed marijuana infused products manufacturers, Keber is in the position of creating a new set of CPG category values within a wide range of customer interactions with the product. The marijuana consumables market presents relevant analogs to product classes that have moved from on-premise to at-home consumption, from fringe positions to mainstream consumption, or from sole proprietorships to chain retailing, and the development of viable brands — like Dixie — within the space it will make for an exciting, thought-provoking discussion of one of the most talked-about new functional product categories of our time.

As marijuana legalization spreads throughout the U.S., there has been much discussion of the viability of the trend from a regulatory point of view. But for the BevNET Live audience there is added value — and great interest — in the lessons that are accompanying the development of this new market from a product-centric point of view.

Just one of many discussions surrounding emerging verticals that will take place during BevNET Live, Keber’s talk promises to be a truly memorable part of the program for the entire audience.

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About Tripp Keber

As one of two original founders of the Dixie Elixirs and Edibles company, Colorado’s premiere licensed marijuana infused products manufacturer (MIPS), Tripp Keber now serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Dixie Brands, Inc. Widely hailed as one of this nascent industry’s indispensable leaders, when Tripp isn’t thinking about the future vision of Dixie and the industry, he is supporting the efforts of the National Cannabis Industry Association, where he is a founding member and current Board Director. Additionally since 2013, he has served as a Board Member of the Marijuana Policy Project  as well as an Advisory Board member of the Medical Marijuana Industry Groupin Colorado. In his current role as CEO of Dixie Brands, Inc., Tripp gets to work on the really “fun” stuff and is responsible for the overall strategy, licensing, marketing, branding and expansion efforts related to the Dixie brand both domestically and internationally.

Prior to building Dixie into a cannabis leader, Tripp served as Chief Operating Officer for Bella Terra Resort Development Company, and EVP of Business Development for Sagebrush Realty Development.

He has a BS in Political Science from Villanova University and currently resides in both Aspen and Denver, CO with his family. He is involved in several charitable organizations located within his community, but his greatest philanthropic passion is assisting in the research and development of cannabis support for veterans suffering from PTSD.

About BevNET Live

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