Sept 11, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
Launch Your Food or Beverage Company the Right Way
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FBU: Design “Dos and Don’ts” with Interact On Shelf


With so little time for consumers to decide and so much riding on a product ending up in their hands, the design of a package or label can be the single most important factor in a new brand’s ability to succeed in the marketplace. That’s why BevNET is delighted to announce that design firm Interact On Shelf will be joining BevNET FBU in Los Angeles on Sept. 11 to offer a discussion of packaging and design approaches for entrepreneurial food and beverage companies.

Using examples of brands they have worked with and studied, Interact Strategy Director Adam Spriggs and Client Director Blake Mitchell will provide attendees with basic guidelines for standing out on-shelf through structure, layout, color and imagery. Drawing on surveys of packaging standards and norms, the pair will also look at current and dated package design approaches to guide attendees away from traditional forms in order to allow entrepreneurs the opportunity to show innovative products in the best possible light.



Interact’s specialty is combining research and sales data as part of the backbone of improving product performance through design. Having tackled products with fast growing companies like Ciao Bella and Food Should Taste Good, Interact’s experience leans toward new and entrepreneurial brands, creating both new designs and packaging reboots designed to increase the speed with which products get approvals and sales.

The opportunity to hear about how packaging design wraps into the overall initial consumer response to a product is just one of the many ways that BevNET FBU will help new brand owners develop their ideas into sustainable companies. FBU’s focus is on helping entrepreneurs understand the pitfalls they haven’t yet considered, and on providing a set of tools that will allow them to best think about the challenges of running a small, growing food and beverage company.

With a carefully-curated lineup that offers experience and insights and a highly interactive format, Food and Beverage University aims to help entrepreneurs learn the best paths to growth in an efficient, inexpensive format. Alongside panelists and speaker presentations, FBU will also feature several networking opportunities for attendees to meet with speakers, BevNET’s own experts, and the system of retailers, distributors, investors and suppliers that form the primary contacts of the food and beverage entrepreneur.

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About Interact On Shelf:

Adam Spriggs, Director of Strategy

Adam has specialized in working with CPG brands during his entire 10-year career. His experience includes working on the Innovation Team at the Sterling Rice Group on accounts such as Hershey, Sabra, Ruiz and Tropicana. He has managed and overseen over 30 brand and package redesigns, ranging from Ciao Bella and Crystal Light to challenger brands such as Dei Fratelli and Noble Juices.

Blake Mitchell, Client Director

Blake has 10 years of experience working on creative projects. Prior to Interact, he worked in production on TV commercials for large brands before eventually taking his skills to MTV. His love of food is what led him to Interact, where he works as a client director and project strategist and enjoys being able to see his work positively affect the sales of clients’ products.

About BevNET Food and Beverage University (FBU)

FBU is an expansion of the educational platform that BevNET first formed via Beverage School, a business development series that it has run for the benefit of new beverage entrepreneurs and their employees since 2009. BevNET’s track record in providing relevant business development content is evident through its video subscription service at Food & Beverage University (, a collection of focused interviews with CPG experts that offer insight into all levels of strategy for food and beverage product entrepreneurs.