Sept 11, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
Launch Your Food or Beverage Company the Right Way
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FBU L.A. Attendees to Receive Exclusive SPINS Sales Data

Bobbi Leahy - SPINS

Bobbi Leahy – SPINS

BevNET is thrilled to announce that SPINS, the country’s leading provider of sales data covering natural and specialty retail accounts, will be offering BevNET FBU attendees sales information on key product categories as part of SPINS representative Bobbi Leahy’s  presentation on Sept. 11, 2014. The data, which will look broadly at the most-subscribed categories for FBU attendees, will be integrated into the program and used by Lahey as a teaching tool as well, giving attendees a greater understanding of how sales data and information can be interpreted and deployed to their advantage. There’s double value here: aside from the monetary value of SPINS information — typically only available on a fee-for-service or subscription basis, the knowledge gained from looking at several ways sales numbers can be used for the purpose of company valuation, persuading retail and distribution gatekeepers on stocking decisions, as well as company and product company alignment present important opportunities for new entrepreneurs.

About Bobbi Leahy and SPINS

Bobbi Leahy has over 25 years CPG experience across retail, manufacturer and information supplier organizations, including 11 years with SPINS.  In her current role as Director of Sales-West, Bobbi works with SPINS’ western region manufacturer clients, to solve for business objectives utilizing SPINS services across retail channels & consumer behavior measurement. Bobbi lives with her daughter Northern California.

About BevNET FBU

With a carefully-curated lineup that offers experience and insights and a highly interactive format, Food and Beverage University aims to help entrepreneurs learn the best paths to growth in an efficient, inexpensive format. Alongside panelists and speaker presentations, FBU will also feature several networking opportunities for attendees to meet with speakers, BevNET’s own experts, and the system of retailers, distributors, investors and suppliers that form the primary contacts of the food and beverage entrepreneur. FBU is an expansion of the educational platform that BevNET first formed via Beverage School, a business development series that it has run for the benefit of new beverage entrepreneurs and their employees since 2009. BevNET’s track record in providing relevant business development content is evident through its video subscription service at Food & Beverage University (, a collection of focused interviews with CPG experts that offer insight into all levels of strategy for food and beverage product entrepreneurs.