Montauk Hard Label Rolls Out RTD Canned Cocktail Line

Montauk Hard Label (MHL) has begun rolling out ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktails following the success of its small-batch flavored whiskey. The brand’s flagship Blueberry Whiskey and Peach Whiskey are commonly seen on cocktail menus throughout New York and Connecticut where MHL serves as a secret weapon for bartenders to create fun signature cocktails. Montauk natives and company founders, Tommy Ciccariello and Mike DeMasco had ambitious plans to further expand the MHL brand by capturing a slice of the growing canned cocktail market with their real spirit cocktails packaged in RTD cans. The launch of their canned cocktails in the summer of 2019 expanded to include a vodka-based drink.

Montauk Hard Label vodka-soda features 80 calories and no sugar on a line up of four SKUs: Cucumber Jalapeno, Lemon, Pineapple, and Watermelon. The ingredients used are unique and speak to the health-conscious consumer with a simple brand ethos, delicious distilled liquor with fine extracts and no sugar. Monk Fruit, an herbal vine scientifically named Siraitia Grosvenorii, and natural fruit-flavored extracts are blended in post distillation giving the canned cocktails a unique yet natural aroma.

The company has recently received product orders to expand outside its current distribution and has registered in additional markets. Sales will commence on November 1st, in Rhode Island and Massachusetts with Icon Imports LLC. Wisconsin based distributor LoDuca Brothers Inc. will service the product inside its 9 Fresh-Thyme Markets throughout the state.

Montauk Hard Label markets an experience that casual and health-conscious drinkers can enjoy. MHL encourages all to “Sea, Taste & Enjoy Life a Little Differently” and “Go Hard.”

The brand’s original 80 proof 3 years aged 100% corn mash American style bourbon was inspired by and established in Montauk during a long hard winter in 2013. It was created for those that like to grab life by the fins and hold on for the ride! In 2016 the first batch of flavored whiskey was put into production and the brand gained support instantly due to its notable quality. All art and packaging have been designed by local east end artists. A Great White fossil jaw renders Montauk Hard Label’s brand and image.

“What I’ve noticed most in my experience thus far is that retailers acknowledge the customer’s excitement for an authentic and local product,” said VP of sales Mike Kenny. “The consumer is awakening to the fact that most trending canned seltzers are not a real spirit, rather a malt-based product loaded with hidden sugars.”

Montauk Hard Label’s new canned cocktails and their classic flavored whiskeys are competing on the shelf next to the likes of Jim Beam, Fireball and Cutwater at ?brick and mortar liquor chains including BevMax and H&B Liquors.