Stapleton-Spence Packing Company Adds Liquid Rotary Filler to Production Line

Stapleton-Spence Packing Company placed a new monobloc liquid rotary filler and capper into its state-of-the-art beverage production line during the first quarter of 2013. Stapleton-Spence Packing Company is a contract manufacturer specializing in copacking for RTD and hot fill beverages, such as tea, juice, energy, isotonic, nutritional and sports drinks.

The update to the processing plant will help fulfill growing demand for beverage copacking projects. The new equipment is a rotary pressure/level fill system and rotary chuck-style capping system with no-bottle/no-cap capability. It is designed to support 3-shift, 7-day per week operations with a fill speed of up to 300 containers per minute (C.P.M.) Supported containers are constructed from either glass or plastic. Containers range from 12 to 96 ounces. Handling parts include quick-change, tool-free installation for each container size. Customization is possible for copack customers with special containers and sizes such as an oval glass bottle.

The processing plant in Gridley, CA is a 120,000 square foot facility with 6 production lines and millions in production capacity. In 2012, Stapleton-Spence installed the largest solar water heating system that includes 20,000 square feet of solar panels. The new liquid filler and capper, purchased from Pacific Packaging Machinery, followed.

To see the filler and capper in action, visit Stapleton”s YouTube channel:

About Stapleton-Spence Packing Company

Stapleton-Spence is a privately held manufacturer that produces and distributes copack, private label, and brand food products. Companies that quickly want to reach the 30 million West Coast consumers use Stapleton”s to develop, process, pack, and warehouse their fruit, nut, and juice products. Stapleton’s copacks bottles, cans, form/fill/seal and pouch bags, and aseptic products. Stapleton’s is committed to food safety from farm to table, strictly adhering to certified manufacturing and quality assurance processes. Food certifications include USDA, kosher, and organic. Stapleton’s processing plant is GFSI compliant, BRC Certified, and has a Gold Silliker Food Safety rating. Headquartered in Gridley, California, Stapleton-Spence is a family-operated company in business since 1951.