DFI Announces Plans for U.S. Plant

dfiFARGO, N.D. — Dynamic Food Ingredients, Corporation. Dynamic Food Ingredients, Corporation (DFI) today announced that it will build an industrial scale polyol manufacturing facility near one of ADM’s wet-mill corn processing facilities in the U.S.  The DFI facility will position DFI as the world’s largest supplier of erythritol.  The erythritol plant will be located adjacent to one of Archer Daniels Midland Company’s (NYSE: ADM) existing corn processing facilities, which will serve as an over-the-fence source of raw materials. The exact location is yet to be determined.

“Securing a reliable source of quality raw materials is one of the final steps in scaling DFI’s patented erythritol technology,” said Paul Magnotto, DFI’s Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to providing sweeteners to the market that are produced in a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and less costly manner.”

DFI’s patented technology is based on a process originally discovered at Purdue University, which replaces chemicals with electricity. Since that discovery, DFI has proved the technology on a commercial scale with a pilot plant in Buffalo, New York.

“This technology is a ground shift in the carbohydrate world,” said Jonathan Stapley, Chief Technology Officer and co-inventor of the process. “DFI’s first product, erythritol, is also unique among carbohydrates for its near-zero calorie content, sweetening power, and growing list of possible health benefits.”

Construction on the facility is anticipated to commence in the summer of 2015.