Business Analytica Launches UNFI and KeHE Reporting Graphs and Charts

Ahmad Raza

RAMSEY, NJ – Business Analytica, a data access company that converts complicated UNFI and KeHe raw sales data into easy to understand and actionable graphs and charts, has launched in the United States.

“Our clients often download their raw sales data from UNFI and Kehe, which can sometimes be thousands and thousands of lines of raw data, but not use the data to manage sales because it is difficult to understand and work with,” stated Business Analytica President Ahmad Raza. “We convert the raw data into easy to understand graphs and charts so you can understand the data and more importantly use the graphs and charts to track and understand the state of your business and manage your salespeople, brokers, distributors, and retailers and take steps to increase sales.”

Business Analytica empowers clients to understand better, track, and analyze sales data so clients can take actions and increase sales.

Business Analytica’s reports enable clients to track sales on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. The reports would allow clients to track how their brand is performing nationwide, region by region, state by state, or on a specific store/customer basis. The reports also empower clients to assess how their salespeople, brokers, distributors, and retailers are performing. This information can also be used to hold everyone accountable for sales results by customer, by region, and by state.

It also charts the number of customers who sold the clients’ products within a defined time period. Metrics can be customized on a case by case basis, which allows the client to understand the sales data and take action to increase sales.

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Ahmad Raza, Business Analytica