Agua Lucha

by Agua Lucha

Review: Agua Lucha Aguas Frescas

Posted: Jul 01, 2019 at 1:02 PM (Last Updated: Jul 02, 2019 at 1:00 PM)

Covers Products: Jamaica, Limón, Mandarina, Tamarindo

Agua Lucha is an upstart line of traditional Mexican-style aguas frescas that feature real fruit and all natural ingredients. The brand’s initial varieties include Limon, Tamarindo, Jamaica, and Mandarina.

Sweetened with a blend of sugar, agave, and stevia, the products range from 100 to 170 calories per 16.9 oz bottle along with 24 to 34 grams of sugar, depending on the SKU. Though these products have less calories and sugar than other aguas frescas on the market, which is clearly due to the use of stevia, they are very much full-calorie drinks.

All four of these products are sweet, fruit forward, and, fortunately, do not have any stevia flavor. The Jamaica and Tamarindo are really well executed versions of two of the most traditional agua fresca recipes. Mandarina and Limon are also good, but they taste slightly less authentic compared to a freshly made aguas frescas. But for bottled juice drinks, all the products are refreshing, clean and have solid, mainstream flavors.

On the outside, Agua Lucha has a clear 16.9 ounce bottle and a label that features a somewhat busy looking design. This is due in part to the use of three lines of text in all capital letters, which feel almost like they are being yelled at you. There are also callouts for “real fruit” and “agave & cane,” which are the two most premium components of the beverage. In the middle of this text you’ll find a luchador mask and an image of an aguas frescas barrel jar. All of this combines to create something that feels slightly ethnic, but also authentic and modern. 

There’s certainly some clean up that could be done, but we think the label is effective at quickly communicating what’s inside the bottle.

Overall, Agua Lucha is a straightforward take on classic Mexican aguas frescas. The brand’s approach to subtly cutting the sugar and calories by using stevia is an interesting approach to a product that has generally always been very high in sugar. 

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