GT's VeggieKefir

by GT's Living Foods

Review: GT’s VeggieKefir Living Probiotic Shots

Posted: Feb 16, 2018 at 1:04 PM (Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018 at 3:07 PM)

Covers Products: Cucumber Dill, Kimchi, Tomatillo Habanero

GT’s is a brand name that is synonymous with kombucha, but the company is trying to branch out within their lane of fermented living food and beverages. One of their most recent products, VeggieKefir, is also one of their most ambitious and assertive when it comes to its flavor profile.

The products, which are designed to be consumed as 2 oz. shots, utilize a blend of water, cabbage, and kefir cultures to create the base of the product. At the core of each of these drinks is a kimchi like flavor, which also produces 15 billion CFUs of probiotics per shot.

The packaging is an 8 oz. glass bottle that looks like a miniaturized version of their flagship kombucha line. It’s a nifty approach for the product and it makes great use of their brand equity while still standing out as a product that’s different.

As for the individual flavors, they’ve come up with some really interesting and innovative offerings. These include Tomatillo Habanero (tastes like the liquid from fresh salsa), Cucumber Dill (tastes like pickle juice and cabbage), and Kimchi (tastes like...kimchi). All of the flavors have potent aromas, are assertive in how they hit your tongue, and linger well beyond the end of the sip. But they are also really nicely balanced in the sense that the fermented elements and the added flavorings have been thoughtfully crafted such that none of the flavors overwhelms the other.

The above being said, these are products that are clearly designed for GT’s base (aka you’ll probably find this at Erewhon in LA) rather than something that will necessarily expand the company’s reach to new consumers. That’s not meant as a criticism, but rather as context. Plus, we think it’s a smart move for GT’s to add offerings that dive deeper into the bleeding edge of natural food and drink since it helps build leadership within the natural category.

Overall, this product is very unique and innovative and, despite not being for the masses, it’s something that does a great job of showing that GT’s is capable of a whole lot more than just kombucha.

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