Review: 5:30 Daily Metabolic Elixir

Posted: Dec 18, 2018 at 5:34 PM (Last Updated: Dec 19, 2018 at 10:43 AM)

Covers Products: 5:30 - Daily Metabolic Elixir

5:30 Daily Metabolic Elixir is the first product from New York-based brand Trusol. It’s available in a single SKU and the USDA Organic product contains functional ingredients for energy and metabolic benefits.

The base flavor and ingredients of 5:30 are pretty straightforward: it features light grapefruit and lemon flavors that come from both lemon juice (18 percent juice) and organic flavors. From there, the product is sweetened with a blend of cane sugar (4 g), erythritol, and stevia, which gives the product a natural level of sweetness and only a minor aftertaste.

Finally, there’s some functional boost in this product, although it subsides pretty quickly. 5:30 faces the same challenges as other similar functional beverages : the energy/caffeine content casts a big shadow over the product’s other benefits. In the case of 5:30, the 80 mg of caffeine is both understandable and immediate in terms of what it delivers to the consumer.

The other functional ingredients -- a 750 mg blend of organic green tea and garcinia and 300mg of hydroxycitric acid --  are likely going to require some education on the part of the consumer. Otherwise, the product risks being perceived simply as an energy drink, which is probably not a path to success for this product.

To that end, we think that there’s an evolution that’s needed for both the packaging and the lineup. The latter part is easy: 5:30 needs more than just one SKU. For the former, there’s a clear challenge of properly communicating the functional benefits of this product while still making the package look inviting and appealing. The current approach to 5:30 seems technical and serious, but it also doesn’t do a great job of communicating the product’s benefits, either. We’d love to see the company take a crack at updating both the look and the messaging to address these concerns.

One final design note: the look of the Trusol branding is a lot more memorable and appealing than the name 5:30 and the visual treatment that they’ve given it (clock hands on the zero). Perhaps this is something for the company to explore.

Overall, we like the concept behind 5:30, but we think that the execution of the branding and messaging needs an upgrade.

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