Everclear Launches Updated Packaging

ST. LOUIS — Category leader Everclear Grain Alcohol unveils a new, sophisticated packaging, illustrating the product’s versatility for consumers. The new look will flow into markets nationwide in the later portion of 2018.

“We are excited to introduce Everclear’s new look nationwide,” said Katie Schuette, brand manager. “Through this packaging, our goal is to encompass the simple, high-quality and versatile nature of the product. The brand’s new look is clean and modern – while still maintaining the iconic logo – and more in tune with the way consumers and mixologists use the product in the current craft cocktail culture.”

The new look was created by designer David Cole. He applied a bold and clean design, making the label easier to read in a retail environment and drawing attention to the brand name and key features of the product. “Overall, the aesthetic is modern, yet timeless, with some minor apothecary influences to suggest the purity of the product,” says Cole. “We definitely wanted to maintain the iconic diamond logo that many have come to recognize.”

The modernized packaging lends itself to the Make It Your Own by Everclear online hub, promoting responsible consumption and creative brand usage. Everclear’s clean taste and higher proof make it an ideal blank canvas for creating infusions, liqueurs and bitters. Recipes and more information can be found at www.makeityourown.com.

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