Bluewater Distilling Launches Wintermoon Barrel-Aged Aquavit

Everett, WA – Bluewater Distilling Launches Wintermoon Barrel-Aged Aquavit, a limited edition single-barrel Scandinavian spirit.

This spirit has been crafted from Bluewater’s signature Wintersun Organic Aquavit, distilled in Bluewater’s hand-hammered copper kettles then aged for one year in a former bourbon barrel.

Wintermoon is bottled 82.4 proof, capturing an approachable profile of gentle oak, sweet vanilla, caraway, aniseed + orange.

Wintermoon is an homage to Nordic barreling of Aquavit, and also a followup to Bluewater’s own Wizard Barrel-Aged Aquavit, which rode the storm-battered waves of the Bering Sea aboard the king crab boat, Wizard, of Deadliest Catch fame.

Enjoy neat, or treat yourself to the Vinland, a Manhattan variation with added depth and complexity.

There are only 270 hand-numbered bottles available to buy at Bluewater Distilling in Everett or online.

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