Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries Announces Release of Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, known for their multiple award-winning Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka and BLY Silver Rum, has announced the release of its newest product line of ready-to-drink cocktails. The cocktails will be sold in two varieties: Boyd & Blair Lemon & Lavender and Boyd & Blair Iced Tea & Lemonade.

Maguey Melate Launches Mezcal Subscription Service

Maguey Melate is a growing mezcal subscription service based in the Southern Mexican state of Oaxaca where mezcal culture got its start. While they are known for delivering artisanal Oaxacan agave spirits directly to customers, their primary focus is bringing attention to the hardworking creators of these beverages and the storied process of producing mezcal that makes it so culturally significant.

Straightaway Adds ‘Paper Plane’ and ‘Spritz’ to RTD Cocktail Collection

Since launching their line of bottled cocktails in December 2018, Portland-based Straightaway has earned the respect of drink professionals and enthusiasts alike. After years of “bootlegging” their own libations for friends and family, local brand builder Cy Cain and drinks expert Casey Richwine co-founded Straightaway to allow more people to enjoy a harmoniously balanced cocktail with the same ease of opening a can or bottle.

Sammy Hagar and Guy Fieri Debut Santo Tequila Blanco

In the weeks following its introduction, Santo Tequila Blanco – a premium old world-style tequila from legendary rocker and entrepreneur, Sammy Hagar and acclaimed Emmy Award-winning chef and restaurateur, Guy Fieri – is heating up the California marketplace.

Montauk Hard Label Rolls Out RTD Canned Cocktail Line

Montauk Hard Label (MHL) has begun rolling out ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktails following the success of its small-batch flavored whiskey. The brand’s flagship Blueberry Whiskey and Peach Whiskey are commonly seen on cocktail menus throughout New York and Connecticut where MHL serves as a secret weapon for bartenders to create fun signature cocktails.

Tanteo Tequila Introduces Its First-Ever Blanco Expression

Tanteo Tequila, the only distillery owned by its cooperative of agave farmers, announces the release of Tanteo Blanco Tequila, bottled at 85 proof and joining their existing line of all-natural infused expressions including Jalapeño, Chipotle and Habanero.

M.S. Walker Named U.S. Importer for Islay Mist Blended Scotch

M.S. Walker has been named the exclusive U.S. importer of Islay Mist, the original peated blended Scotch whisky. The initial product offering, Islay Mist 8-Year, is a unique blend of whisky distilled at the famed Laphroaig Distillery that is blended with exceptional Speyside malt.

Baltimore Spirits Company to Release Skeleton Spirit Gin

Baltimore Spirits Company today announced they will be releasing their first expansion of the Shot Tower Gin line since they began distillation in 2015. The new Shot Tower Skeleton Spirit Gin will be launched on November 1st, with a special Halloween dance party at their distillery in the Union Collective, and will be available in many Maryland liquor stores starting the same day.

WhistlePig Rye Whiskey Launches New Boss Hog Edition ‘The Samurai Scientist’

WhistlePig, the No. 1 distiller in the fast growing, ultra-premium and luxury rye whiskey category [1], is pleased to introduce their newest edition of The Boss Hog: The Samurai Scientist. Now available for pre-order via Caskers, The Samurai Scientist is a sixteen-year-old, single barrel, straight rye whiskey that is powerfully complex and distinctly unique from anything WhistlePig has introduced before.

Goodwood Brewing and Bardstown Bourbon Company Team Up For Collaboration

Goodwood Brewing and Bardstown Bourbon Company teamed up for a limited, regional release. This 11-year-old bourbon is finished in Goodwood Brewing Brandy Barrel Honey Ale casks for 18 months resulting in a rich bourbon accentuated by layers of honey, caramel, fig, malt and dried fruit. A nuanced finish of finely crafted ale enhances this unique pour.

Woodford Reserve Releases Chocolate Malted Rye Bourbon

Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris, always seeking to innovate with new flavor ideas for whiskey, discovered a unique flavor technique: toast rye grain long enough and it begins to taste like chocolate.