Elevator Talk

Elevator Talk: O2 Natural Recovery Aims to Scale Beyond Crossfit

Dave Colina, founder and CEO of O2 Natural Recovery, has found a viable market within the crossfit community and is looking to scale beyond. O2 Natural Recovery is a non-carbonated natural sports recovery drink with increased oxygen and electrolytes.

Elevator Talk: Susosu Introduces Hydrogen Mineral Water to the U.S.

Nadia Lizarazu, the Marketing Manager for Susosu Water, believes the U.S. will be next to ride the wave of Hydrogen Water, a product that has been popular in Japan for decades. Made with extra molecular hydrogen, the water has antioxidant properties. Susosu differentiates from competitors by using natural mineral water instead of purified water.

Elevator Talk: Boston Chai Party Brings Authentic Indian Chai to America

Vishal Tharpar, the CEO and co-founder of Boston Chai Party, is on a mission to bring authentic Indian chai to U.S. consumers. Tharpar states they have made over 150,000 cups of chai to perfect their recipe, which highlights notes of cardamom, fennel and black pepper.

Elevator Talk: SZENT Excites Sense of Smell with New “Flavored” Waters

SZENT is reinventing the way people experience beverages. Chief Creative Officer, Maddie Grandbois, says the brand aims to shake up the flavored water category with a new spin, no added ingredients. Instead, the company has patented a polymer cap ring infused with essential oils that tricks the brain into believing you are tasting the flavor.

Elevator Talk: Element Shrub Crafts Functional, Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Element Shrub founder & CEO, Charlie Berkinshaw, has developed a non-alcoholic cocktail alternative that not only tastes good, but is also healthy and functional. The product is ACV-based, which has challenged the brand to change consumers’ perceptions of how the ingredient could taste in a beverage.

Elevator Talk: Caskai Takes Cascara to the International Stage

Joel Jelderks, founder of Caskai, has set forth on a mission to introduce premium cascara-based beverages to the global market, noting that coffee consumers are their first target market, as they will likely be more aware of cascara.

Elevator Talk: Mansi Brings Exotic Citrus to U.S. Consumers

MANSI’s mission is to bring calamansi to the U.S. consumer base through its premium citrus beverage. CEO Charles Medenilla describes the superfruit as tart and sweet, and high in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Elevator Talk: Wonder+Well Innovates to Keep Kids Healthy and Hydrated

Wonder+Well, an organic fruit-essence water for kids, provides the lovable format of a drink box but with no sugar or sweeteners. Co-founder Gregg Lefkowitz identifies that parents are looking for healthier options that get children to drink more water, while still being fun.

Elevator Talk: Som Sleep Aims to Ease Insomnia the Natural Way

Som Sleep is a ready-to-drink dietary supplement designed as a natural alternative to prescriptive sleep-aids. Serial entrepreneur and Co-founder/CEO, John Shegerian, shares that within four months the company was able to expand beyond e-commerce and enter brick-and-mortar retail.

Elevator Talk: LemonKind Creates a Splash with Premium Botanicals and Design

Irene Roja Stanbury, the CEO of LemonKind, brings her shelf-stable, botanically infused juices and teas offline and onto shelves through functionality and design. The line of natural beverages provides a premium experience, from the inside out. With 100% natural, high-quality ingredients, and a unique pouch package, this product is targeted to reach the millennial, health-conscious woman.

Elevator Talk: Petal Springs into the Market with Sparkling Botanicals

Founder and CEO of Petal, Candice Crane, is on a mission to deliver an all organic zero calorie, zero sugar botanical beverage with an empowering message. Designed primarily for women ages 18-32, Petal offers unique flavors with rose water as the star ingredient. The company recently launched in the Chicago area with plans to grow nationally in the future.