Elevator Talk

This week’s guest host is Larry Kahn, Partner, Beechwood Capital.

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Our goal is to give entrepreneurs a chance to share their stories in their own words and to provide some face time with the industry.

Retailers, investors, distributors, suppliers, service providers and fellow brands can tune into the live feed on the BevNET and NOSH homepages as well as on the BevNET LinkedIn and NOSH LinkedIn pages every Wednesday at 3pm ET.

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About Elevator Talk

Our Elevator Talk pitch series showcases up-and-coming food and beverage brands within the industry. Meet the founders behind the hottest brands hitting the market and hear their plans to stand out on shelves. You can catch this series on BevNET.com and the BevNET YouTube channel with new pitches shared every week.

Founders of food and beverage startups are invited to apply for the video interview series.

Elevator Talk: Vervet Brings Bartender-Crafted Canned Cocktails to Los Angeles

Tuan Lee is the co-founder & CEO of Vervet, a startup offering bartender-crafted canned cocktails featuring house-made bitters, fresh produce from California farms and spirits developed in partnership with Ventura Spirits distillery. Using recipes from co-founder and veteran bartender Hope Ewing, the brand delivers modern riffs on classic cocktails.

Elevator Talk: Acid League Plans Launch of Vinegar-Based Platform Brand

Allan Mai is the co-founder of Acid League, a startup led by food scientists building a platform brand around their house-crafted, functional vinegars. The company begins by fermenting fruits and vegetables, then experiments with various recipes and product types including shrubs, cooking vinegars and condiments.

Elevator Talk: Surreal Brewing Crafts Low Calorie Non-Alc Beers

Donna Hockey is the founder of Surreal Brewing Company, an early stage non-alcoholic craft beer brand that offers innovative brews with 0g of sugar, 17-50 calories per can, and reduced gluten, in a variety of styles. The brewery is serving the non-alc movement, reaching consumers that don’t want to compromise their health goals, while still enjoying happy hour.

Elevator Talk Livestream Round 8: WithCo Cocktails, O2 Recovery, Brainiac Kids

The eighth round of interviews with food and beverage brands includes WithCo Cocktails, O2 Recovery, Brainiac Kids, Cuvee Coffee and more. This week's special co-host is Darren Rovell of Tastemaker Capital, who will offer an investor's perspective and provide feedback for each brand.

Elevator Talk Livestream Round 7: PathWater, Ficks Beverage Co, Rip N Sip

The seventh round of food and beverage brands includes PathWater, The Snack Brigade, Ficks Beverage Co. and Mason Dixie Foods. We also have a special co-host this week, Patrick Schwarzenegger, who invests in and advises emerging food and beverage brands. He'll weigh in on the brands from an investor's perspective and provide feedback.

Elevator Talk Livestream Round 6: ICONIC, Riff Cold Brewed, Karuna

We're back for a 60 minute livestream today, April 8th. The sixth round of food and beverage brands includes DeeBee's Organics, Whoa Dough, Riff Cold Brewed and ICONIC. Watch their founders and CEOs jump into the livestream and provide a brief recap of recent news and updates.

Elevator Talk Livestream Round 5: Genius Juice, Cocoa Metro, Poppilu

The fifth round of food and beverage brands includes Poppilu, Vital Farms, Genius Juice and Cocoa Metro. We also have a special co-host this week, Dr. Sebastian Dreher, the Managing Director of Döhler Ventures, who will weighing in on the brands from an investor's perspective and provide feedback.