Elevator Talk

Elevator Talk: Up To Good’s Sparking Energy Drink Upcycles Cascara

Andrew Aussie is the president of Up to Good, a beverage company that is upcycling coffee waste to offer a unique energy drink. The beverage is brewed with cascara, the coffee cherry, which is normally disposed of in coffee processing. The brand believes its sustainable focus, direct trade practices and mission to give back to coffee farmers will resonate with millennials.

Elevator Talk: PLNT Blend Creates Hemp Infused Hydration Focused on Flavor and Functionality

David Holmes is the co-founder of Plant Life Group, the producers of PLNT Blend, a brand that crafts all-natural and organic plant-based beverages aimed to evolve the way consumers hydrate. Full spectrum hemp extract is complemented by functional ingredients and sweetened with coconut nectar, making it a low glycemic beverage with unique flavor combinations.

Elevator Talk: Bambucha Brings Chef Crafted Flavors to Kombucha

Michael ZonFrilli is the co-founder of Bambucha, a chef crafted organic kombucha brand based in San Diego, California. Bambucha’s unique flavor offerings such as Thai Ginger and Mango Masala are inspired by the founders’ experience in the culinary field.

Elevator Talk: Marin Kombucha Focuses on the Craft of Brewing

Marin Kombucha offers a line of oak aged kombuchas that are craft brewed in small batches. CEO & Brewmaster Brian Igersheim is focused on delivering high quality kombucha that highlights the special qualities of the tea leaves.

Elevator Talk: Cadence Cold Brew Focuses on Quality Coffee and Clean Label

Cadence Cold Brew President Roy Lavalley is focused on delivering the top scoring nitro-infused cold brew coffee in a convenient RTD format. With no added sugar, flavors or other ingredients, Cadence highlights its single-origin beans in each SKU, bringing a clean label energy drink to market.

Elevator Talk: Happy Moose Partners with Farmers to Offer Fresh-Pressed Juices

Ryan Armistead, the co-founder and CEO of Happy Moose Juice, is on a mission to make the best juice in the world, using a variety of beloved and unique ingredients. Armistead works directly with farmers to co-pack the freshest produce, providing a premium and organic cold-pressed product straight from the farm.

Elevator Talk: Good Mylk Aims to Make Alt-Dairy Concentrates Accessible

Brooke Rewa, the founder of Good Mylk Co., is on a mission to make clean ingredient, plant-based milk alternatives available to a wider audience. The brand has developed a frozen concentrate and powder that allow both baristas and consumers to make almond and hemp-based milks by just adding water.

Elevator Talk: MediDate Brews Date Seeds as Coffee Alternative

Laith Alkhawaja, the Founder and President of MediDate Coffee, is bringing the benefits of roasted date seeds to consumers. Much like traditional coffee, the unique beverage is made by roasting, grinding and brewing date seeds.