Elevator Talk

Elevator Talk: Happy Moose Partners with Farmers to Offer Fresh-Pressed Juices

Ryan Armistead, the co-founder and CEO of Happy Moose Juice, is on a mission to make the best juice in the world, using a variety of beloved and unique ingredients. Armistead works directly with farmers to co-pack the freshest produce, providing a premium and organic cold-pressed product straight from the farm.

Elevator Talk: Good Mylk Aims to Make Alt-Dairy Concentrates Accessible

Brooke Rewa, the founder of Good Mylk Co., is on a mission to make clean ingredient, plant-based milk alternatives available to a wider audience. The brand has developed a frozen concentrate and powder that allow both baristas and consumers to make almond and hemp-based milks by just adding water.

Elevator Talk: MediDate Brews Date Seeds as Coffee Alternative

Laith Alkhawaja, the Founder and President of MediDate Coffee, is bringing the benefits of roasted date seeds to consumers. Much like traditional coffee, the unique beverage is made by roasting, grinding and brewing date seeds.

Elevator Talk: Lost Coast Roast Organic Cold Brew is Focused on Sustainability

Johnny Miller, the owner and co-founder of Lost Coast Roast, is focused on producing fair-trade, organic cold brewed coffee sourced from sustainable, shade-grown farms. The family business is rooted in Northern California and incorporates locally sourced milk from Humboldt Creamery as one of the four ingredients in its cold brew.

Elevator Talk: Shaka Tea Takes Hawaii-Grown Mamaki Tea National

Shaka Tea Co-founder and President Bella Hughes aims to deliver an authentic Hawaii-grown mamaki tea to a broader audience. The herbal tea has no caffeine or added sugar and comes in a variety of island-inspired flavors. Hughes has made a commitment to regenerative agriculture farming practices with a focus on empowering the local mamaki farming community and economy.

Elevator Talk: HyVida Hydrogen-Infused Sparkling Water Brings Consumers Antioxidants

Rick Smith, President & CEO of HyVida, has engineered a functional sparkling water line by adding hydrogen gas. Incorporating hydrogen through a unique technology provides consumers a beverage with added antioxidants. With new technology and a unique concept, Smith has found developing a narrative the most challenging piece of the puzzle.

Elevator Talk: Bitter Love Takes a Functional Approach to Sparkling Water

Taja Dockendorf, Co-founder of Bitter Love, is focusing on a new flavor profile to differentiate in the sparkling water category. The brand combines digestive bitters like ashwagandha, ginger and wormwood with carbonated water and a splash of fruit juice to offer a functional sparkling bitter beverage.

Elevator Talk: O2 Natural Recovery Aims to Scale Beyond Crossfit

Dave Colina, founder and CEO of O2 Natural Recovery, has found a viable market within the crossfit community and is looking to scale beyond. O2 Natural Recovery is a non-carbonated natural sports recovery drink with increased oxygen and electrolytes.

Elevator Talk: Susosu Introduces Hydrogen Mineral Water to the U.S.

Nadia Lizarazu, the Marketing Manager for Susosu Water, believes the U.S. will be next to ride the wave of Hydrogen Water, a product that has been popular in Japan for decades. Made with extra molecular hydrogen, the water has antioxidant properties. Susosu differentiates from competitors by using natural mineral water instead of purified water.

Elevator Talk: Boston Chai Party Brings Authentic Indian Chai to America

Vishal Tharpar, the CEO and co-founder of Boston Chai Party, is on a mission to bring authentic Indian chai to U.S. consumers. Tharpar states they have made over 150,000 cups of chai to perfect their recipe, which highlights notes of cardamom, fennel and black pepper.