Elevator Talk

Elevator Talk: Be Mindful Beverages is Set to Launch in the Natural Energy Space

Matthew Rich is the founder and CEO of Be Mindful Beverages, a company aiming to provided better options for under served markets, starting with natural energy. Its first product line offers low sugar, organic and clean label energy drinks with sophisticated flavors, caffeine sourced from green tea and antioxidants and vitamins from natural juices and herbs.

Elevator Talk: UbU Makes Hemp The Star of Its New Functional Tonics

Carlos Ponce is the co-founder and CEO of UbU Beverages, a company that offers sparkling functional tonics without any sugar, sweeteners or caffeine. The brand’s energy and hemp tonics deliver antioxidants, prebiotics and electrolytes, aiming to serve the active Gen X consumer.

Elevator Talk: Agua Rica Offers a Refreshing Take on Aguas Frescas

Julian Hakim is a partner at Agua Rica, a modern aguas frescas brand that aims to bring the traditional Mexican treat to the drink isle in a natural way. The startup brand which launched just four months ago crafts its lineup of beverages using all natural and non-gmo ingredients with real cane sugar.

Elevator Talk: Bhoomi Aims to Redefine Sugar Cane Juice in the Western Market

Arpit Bhopalkar is the co-founder and CEO of Bhoomi, a mission-based brand that makes cold-pressed sugar cane beverages. The company hopes to change consumers’ perception of sugar cane and it’s health benefits, while supporting minority farmers in the U.S. and focusing on sustainability.

Elevator Talk: Sir Owlverick’s Aims for the Long Game with Classic Tasting Coffee Beverages

Lillard Anthony Wong is the co-founder of Sir Owlverick’s with his partner Amy Tang, who is a third generation coffee roaster. The brand focuses on crafting a classic medium roast with a smooth taste profile to appeal to a wide audience, while offering new and innovate SKUs like Vietnamese iced coffee and cold brewed double espresso shots.

Elevator Talk: Up To Good’s Sparking Energy Drink Upcycles Cascara

Andrew Aussie is the president of Up to Good, a beverage company that is upcycling coffee waste to offer a unique energy drink. The beverage is brewed with cascara, the coffee cherry, which is normally disposed of in coffee processing. The brand believes its sustainable focus, direct trade practices and mission to give back to coffee farmers will resonate with millennials.

Elevator Talk: PLNT Blend Creates Hemp Infused Hydration Focused on Flavor and Functionality

David Holmes is the co-founder of Plant Life Group, the producers of PLNT Blend, a brand that crafts all-natural and organic plant-based beverages aimed to evolve the way consumers hydrate. Full spectrum hemp extract is complemented by functional ingredients and sweetened with coconut nectar, making it a low glycemic beverage with unique flavor combinations.