Elevator Talk

Elevator Talk showcases up-and-coming food and beverage brands to the industry, giving founders a chance to put their brand in the spotlight and share their story. Meet the founders behind the hottest brands hitting the market and hear their plans to stand out on shelves.

Each episode features a group of brand leaders, the host, and an industry expert, who asks follow-up questions and provides feedback for each entrepreneur.

Retailers, investors, distributors, suppliers, service providers and fellow brands can tune into the live feed on the BevNET and NOSH homepages as well as on the BevNET LinkedIn and NOSH LinkedIn pages on Wednesdays at 3pm ET.

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Elevator Talk Livestream Round 4: Suja, Poppi, Daily Greens

We're back for a 60 minute livestream today, March 26th. The fourth round of food and beverage brands includes Suja, Coolhaus, Poppi, Cappello's, and Tempo. As a special treat this week, we also have Darren Rovell, who is a Partner at Tastemaker Capital and former ESPN reporter, weighing in on the brands and providing feedback.

Elevator Talk Livestream Round 3: LIFEAID, Remedy Organics, CLEAN Cause

We're back for another Elevator Talk Livestream today, March 19th. The third round of 30 food and beverage brands includes LIFEAID, Upton's Naturals, Better Booch, Teatulia, True Made Foods and Caveman Coffee. Watch their founders and CEOs jump into the livestream and provide a brief recap of recent Expo West news and updates.

Elevator Talk Livestream Round 2: Humm Kombucha, Malk Organics, Harmless Harvest

We're back for another 90 minute livestream today, March 12th. The second round of 30 food and beverage brands includes Humm Kombucha, HIPPEAS, Malk Organics, Belgian Boys, Harmless Harvest and Wildbrine. Watch their founders and CEOs jump into the livestream and provide a brief recap of recent Expo West news and updates. 

Elevator Talk Livestream Round 1: Tea Riot, Sol-ti, Greenbelt Craft Kombucha

Brand founders and CEOs are joining our team today, March 10th, via livestream to provide a brief recap of their recent Expo West news and updates. The first round of 30 food and beverage brands include Tea Riot, Bobo's, Sol-ti, Ayoba-Yo, Greenbelt Craft Kombucha and The Good Bean.

BevNET and NOSH Announce Elevator Talk Livestream: Share Your Expo West News

Are you a founder or entrepreneur with a new brand premiere, package refresh, new product or line extension that was supposed to be announced at Expo West 2020 this week? We want to hear from you! Sign up now to take part in our Elevator Talk Livestream on Tuesday, March 10 at 3PM ET. It is free to participate and interviews will be conducted remotely.

Elevator Talk: The Plug Provides Alternative Hangover Remedy Made from Herbs

Ray Kim is the co-founder and CEO of The Plug, a startup brand crafting hangover remedies from 13 herbs and flowers. The all natural recovery drink is inspired by similar products available in Korea and aims to serve Millennial and Gen Z professionals who want to enjoy drinking alcohol and socializing in the evening, while still being productive at work the next day.

Elevator Talk: Yumix Offers Fresh Mixed Cocktails Utilizing Unique Packaging

Lea Feghali is the co-founder and chief brand officer at Yumix, a beverage brand with a fresh proposition for cocktail consumers. Instead of offering a premixed ready-to-drink cocktail, the brand’s unique packaging gives the user the experience and ability to mix spirits and fruit juice immediately before consuming.

Elevator Talk: Crunchy Hydration Aims to Ease Anxiety with Adaptogenic Sparkling Waters

Megan Riggs is the founder and CEO of Crunchy Hydration, a company that aims to deliver ‘mindful hydration’ and uplift the consumer’s brain and soul through a line of sparkling herbal waters featuring adaptogens, nootropics and CBD. Riggs founded the company to help people with anxiety and hopes to create a lifestyle movement centered around mindfulness and wellness.

Elevator Talk: Backyard Soda Company Keeps it Simple with CBD

Jonathan Schultz is the CEO of Backyard Soda Company, an early-stage Colorado-based soda brand focused on locally-sourced, simple ingredients. The company's line of CBD-infused soda utilizes whole ingredients instead of adding natural flavors. On the ingredient panel you will find fresh juice, pure cane sugar, locally-sourced full-spectrum hemp CBD and water.

Elevator Talk: Dr. Scobii’s Water Kefir Features Unique Superfood Ingredients

Kat Friis is the Founder and CMO of Dr. Scobii, an upstart water kefir company that aims to make gut health more accessible to everyday consumers. The company recognized white space in the market for a better tasting probiotic beverage that would appeal to people beyond kombucha drinkers.

Elevator Talk: Sofee Adopts Gypsy Brewing Model for Carbonated Cold Brew Coffee Line

Chad Hazen, founder of Sofee, is focused on developing refreshing beverages, but his approach is not that ordinary. Hazen combines the two popular categories of cold brew coffee and soft drinks to create a curious offering that hasn’t quite hit the mainstream consumer yet, but he’s ok with that. To create the product Hazen is leveraging his relationships with breweries across the U.S. to employ the “gypsy brewing model” common in the beer industry.