Virtually Live 2020: Insights on New, Now, and Next

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Eric Zeitoun - CEO & Founder, Black Bamboo
Corinne Shindelar - President Emeritus, Founder and former CEO, INFRA
Adnan Durrani - Founder & CEO, Saffron Road
Elliot Begoun - Founder, TIG (The Intertwine Group)

Black Bamboo, a brand and innovation consultancy focused on the consumer goods space, will share key learnings from polling and interviews recently conducted with leaders and influencers in the world of CPG (from investors, large CPG, small CPG and industry experts) to analyze the impact of the COVID crisis on consumer needs and attitudes over three time horizons:
NOW (during the pandemics)
NEXT (during the recession that's expected to hit over the next 24 months)
NEW (coming out of the recession as we emerge into a new post COVID world)

Moving deeper with our panelists and presenter, audience members will be able to ask questions and create a game plan for incorporating presentation findings into their branding and marketing plans, as well as discuss their implications for future consumer outreach and interaction.