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Hiball Energy Drinks

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Hiball Energy is the pioneer of a completely new category of energy drinks: refreshing, sparkling energy waters and juices. Hiball’s Sparkling Energy Waters are the only energy drink in the market that are made without sugar or artificial sweeteners of any kind and contain only 10 calories per bottle. Hiball’s new Sparkling Energy Juice drinks are low sugar and contain only 70 calories per bottle. All products are completely free of preservatives and are made with purified sparkling water, a proprietary blend of taurine, guarana, ginseng, b-vitamins, natural caffeine, natural fruit flavors and/or concentrates. Every bottle of Hiball provides a refreshing, naturally healthy boost of energy. Hiball Energy is sold nationally at Whole Foods Market, Safeway (in the natural set), Hannaford, Shaw’s, Stop & Shop, Giant Landover, Giant Eagle, HEB, Earthfare, Ukrops, Haggen, Fred Meyer, Bristol Farms, Foodtown, Mrs. Green’s, Henry’s and Sunflower Markets as well as independent grocery retailers across the United States and online at mothernature.com and amazon.com. Hiball Energy is distributed through UNFI, Kehe, DPI, Nature’s Best, Haddon House, Tree of Life, Soda Express (OR), Palo Alto Egg (Nor-Cal) and Real Soda (CA). Visit www.hiballenergy.com or email us at: info@hiballer.com. Hiball: It’s Good Energy.


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