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People Moves: Former PepsiCola President Joins Cannabiniers Board

Former PepsiCola-East President Michael Lorelli has joined the board of directors for cannabis company Cannabiniers which produces THC-infused beers and teas; actress and activist Ruby Rose invests in REBBL and will serve as an advisor the elixir brand.

Reed’s: Virgil’s Rebrand Bolsters Q3 Earnings

Reed’s, Inc.’s rebranded Virgil’s soda line helped spur a 29 percent increase in gross margins in the third quarter, CEO Val Stalowir told investors during the company’s Q3 earnings report this week. According to Stalowir, buyer interest in Virgil’s Zero Sugar helped Reed’s to open 1,100 new doors in Q3.

Drinks For Thought: Nootropic Beverages Offer Brain Benefits

Nootropics, sometimes called “smart drugs,” are a niche but rising segment of the supplements industry that is extending its reach into beverage via shots and energy drink alternatives that promise consumers better focus, better memory, and improved overall mental function.

Flower Power: New CBD Beverages Offer Relaxation, Relief

As CBD continues to infuse itself within the beverage industry and with talks of an upcoming Farm Bill clearing a path for opening the market for CBD products, several new brands -- Joybird Wellness, Recess, Lumen, and DRAM Apothecary -- have emerged with fresh takes on the trend.

CELSIUS Continues Growth in Q3 Earnings

In a year marked by executive restructuring, Celsius Holdings Inc. continued its run of consistent growth in the energy category, announcing a 54 percent increase in year-over-year revenue in its Q3 earnings report released on Thursday.

Monster: Coke Energy Dispute Revealed in Q3 Earnings

Monster is fighting against increased competition in the energy space, CEO Rodney Sacks said during the company’s Q3 earnings report yesterday, including from one of its most prominent shareholders: The Coca-Cola Company.

‘Powered By FORTO’ Brings JAB Coffee Brands into Shots

FORTO has announced it has entered an agreement to produce a line of coffee shots for brands including Donut Shop, Gevalia, Green Mountain, and Krispy Kreme that will be brewed with their respective source coffees and sold in the same package as its core line.

Joyride Sells Minority Stake to Continental Grain Company

Family-owned investment firm Continental Grain Company (CGC) has taken a minority stake in Joyride Coffee Distributors for an undisclosed sum, the first outside investment for the keg distribution house.

Villager Goods Launches ‘Little Villager’ Kids Line

San Diego-based beverage company Villager Goods is setting its sights on the kids market with Little Villager, a new line of low-sugar and organic beverages which launched in nearly 300 Target locations across the country last month.

Gallery: October’s New Product Launches

With the major trade shows of the year behind us, October’s new product launches saw emerging brands announce line extensions while new companies debuted innovative and on-trend products such as meal replacements and cannabidiol (CBD) infused drinks.

Buchi Announces Facility Expansion

Asheville, N. C.-based kombucha maker Buchi plans to expand its Madison County production facility in a construction project funded by $7 million in state and local grants. The 30,000 square foot facility will be renovated and expanded into the area behind the building over the next two years.

CELSIUS Hires Matt Kahn as EVP of Marketing

Kahn brings to the role more than 20 years of marketing experience, including overseeing Sprite, Glaceau Vitaminwater, Smartwater, and POWERADE at The Coca-Cola Company. He has also held positions at Heineken, Restorsea, and, most recently, as the VP of marketing at Save-A-Lot.

The Living Apothecary Raises $1.4M

Probiotic water kefir maker The Living Apothecary has raised $1.4 million in a fundraising round led by L.A. Libations and Venice Brands, setting the brand on a path to triple its distribution over the next year.