Abbott Labs vs. PepsiCo

We watch a lot of baseball around here, and one of the things we’ve noticed lately is that when players get back to the dugout and pull what are definitely water bottles (i.e. like poland spring) out of the big round cooler, they seem to be filled with something that isn’t, well, water-colored, but is, in fact, orange.

Having heard that different athletic trainers have, on occasion (read: almost always) substituted other products for Gatorade in things like NBA locker rooms, we wondered what that orange liquid might be.

Turns out, the folks at the New York Times were, also: and it appears that for at least some athletes, the answer is none other than Pedialyte, that non-competitor to Gatorade made by Abbott Labs for kids with diarrhea.

We’d always suspected Pedialyte as being the base product for Vitaminwater — turns out we were wrong, as the electrolyte content is much higher in Pedialyte than it was in either Gatorade or Vitaminwater. MMMMM. Salty….