Energy Slush Redux — SoBe Energy Coolatta

donut.jpgAfter my recent post about Full Throttle Slurpee, the folks at RF Binder (PR for Dunkin Donuts) contacted me about the new SoBe Energy Coolatta.    Unfortunately (note to PR folks), they sent a press kit that included a fancy messenger bag, a t-shirt, some SoBe stickers, and a press release….but no gift cards or anything that would allow me to purchase one of the drinks that they are promoting.  We’re not off to a good start here.

Anyway, after schlepping down to the Harvard Square Dunkin Donuts (one of 3 within walking distance, I might add) I finally obtained a SoBe Energy Coolatta.  Here’s my unofficial review:

  • It’s green…Grotesquely green.
  • I didn’t get the SoBe Energy cup that was advertised.  Bummer.
  • The flavor…it’s a flat, syrupy lemon lime flavor.  Almost like Mountain Dew with a splash of energy.
  • The slush….It’s like Slush Puppy slush with a gritty ice consistency as opposed to the smooth consistency.

Overall, Full Throttle Slurpee beats SoBe Energy Coolatta.  Sorry, guys.

What I really want to know is why energy slush is the hot crossover of the moment….I can only theorize that these brands are hot and licensing them out to convenience stores, QSRs, and donut chains creates new branding opportunities rather than meaningful revenue for the brand….especially since these formats seem to cheapen the overall experience and quality of product.

PS — Also pictured above is the Key Lime donut, a true wonder of food science.  It’s quite possibly the most disgusting thing I’ve even seen at a Dunkin Donuts (well, most disgusting thing being sold behind the counter)….