Something sucks about Pepsi ad complaint

Columnist and Radio and TV commentator Glenn Sacks is disgusted. He’s fired up. He’s urging his readers to call Pepsi and complain – not because of the scantily clad woman dancing in the SoBe Life Water commercial (not to mention the farting lizards) or the corpulent, bare-chested mechanic powering a car via his nipples in their fourth quarter Amp Energy commercial, but because a special effects team inflicted on-screen pain to pop star Justin Timberlake (speaking of nipples) in the second quarter’s Pepsi Stuff commercial.

The commercial featured Timberlake flying across a busy street and bashing into a mailbox post on his way to a young, attractive female Pepsi drinker who sucks dry her bottle of Pepsi in order to earn points to buy a Justin Timberlake mp3.

When Timberlake arrived, a flat panel TV crashed over his head and knocked him out. The girl’s father chugged his own share of Pepsi to earn the points for that.

“I understand slapstick humor but this was way over the line,” noted Sacks. “Timberlake is in severe pain in the ad, and gets painfully whacked in the nuts on three separate occasions. All because some pretty girl is sucking him in by drinking her Pepsi.”

To which reply: yeah, something about this definitely sucks.

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