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The founders of Energy Beverages Worldwide Ltd (?Enerbev?) wanted to develop the most convenient and easily consumable way to acquire energy with style. Enerbev also wanted a product that was packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants (healthy), had a nice taste (drinkable), was portable and could be consumed at any time, and had stylish, quality packaging. Enerbev is proud to introduce 9-2-5 Energy Shot. 9-2-5 is a 60 ml energy shot that tastes great with a Black Cherry Flavor, provides a huge boost with no after-crash, can be consumed very quickly at any time, and can be carried in your pocket, purse, sport bag, or backpack- basically anywhere you can put your mobile phone- 9-2-5 Energy Shot is there. In addition, 9-2-5 Energy Shot has 200 mg of caffeine per 100 ml of fluid. The small 9-2-5 Bottle has more caffeine than 2 cans of an average energy drink, a 500 ml bottle/ can of the value energy drinks, 500 ml of coffee 1,875 ounces of a cola, or 2000 ounces of green tea. In addition, 9-2-5 Energy shot is Full of Vitamins: B6 (250% of Recommended Daily Allowance (?RDA?), B12 (13883% of RDA), and B3(250% of RDA). To top it all off, 9-2-5 Energy Shot is High in Anti-Oxidants since it contains Green Tea, Yerba Mate, and Ginseng. All this energy, vitamins, and anti-oxidants in such a small bottle with only 6 calories per serving. Considering the portability, ability to consume hot or cold, lack of need for a restroom, and stylish packaging, why would you want to drink anything else?

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