Awake good morning energy

by Apple & Eve


Official Brand Overview

Apple & Eve, one of the largest independently owned juice companies in the U.S., has just entered the booming energy drink category with the launch of AWAKE® and AWAKE LIGHT® -- unique new 100% juice energy beverages designed specifically for morning consumption. AWAKE was designed for the more health-conscious energy beverage consumer who is looking for a product with more natural ingredients and energy delivery agents than the current ?extreme? energy beverages on the market. Both AWAKE and AWAKE LIGHT have the caffeine equivalent of a tall cup of coffee, formulated with vitamins and nutrients as a refreshing morning energy juice. In addition to its orange-tangerine flavor and the health benefits of an all-natural, vitamin-enhanced 100% juice formula, AWAKE contains the unique, powerful ingredient Essentra® -- a patented restorative and rejuvenating extract derived from a natural botanical that delivers sustained energy throughout the day. Essentra helps to reduce fatigue, sharpen focus ? and has been shown to help sustain energy levels.

Current product lineup

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