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Amy and Brian All Natural Coconut Juice is the "water" from young coconuts. It is pure, clear, and one of the most concentrated sources of electrolytes known. A refreshing, slightly sweet, isotonic beverage, Amy & Brian Coconut Juice has more potassium than a banana and several times more than most sports drinks. When consumed before or after exercise it helps to combat dehydration and fatigue. In Asian countries, where coconuts are common, coconut juice is considered one of the healthiest drinks available. It absorbs quickly into the body because it is very similiar to our body's own chemistry. Amy & Brian Mangosteen is a great tasting, functional beveragemade from whole mangosteen. This unique Asian fruit is nature?s most highly concentrated source of xanthones and is naturally high in anti-oxidants. Mangosteens, known throughout Asia as the "Queen of Fruits," have a thick purple outside skin and a white sweet inside. Amy & Brian Mangosteen is made by combining the power of the anti-oxidant rich skin and the sweetness of the fruit. For additional flavor and benefits, we have added pomegranate, passion fruit and goji juice.

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