Bat, bat Soda

by Bat, bat Soda

Official Brand Overview

Bat,bat Soda is a beverage company offering naturally caffeinated sodas. The founder Danielle Glasky is a 15-year coffee veteran from Atlanta. Bat,bat's goal is to create a refreshing, sparkling iced-coffee drink. Each flavor complements the selected single-origin coffee's profile. Every batch is hot-brewed to extract the full spectrum of coffee flavor, then chilled and lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar. Finally, the carbonation lifts the palate and creates a chuggable, effervescent beverage. Our first flavor available in cans is Black Coffee Soda, and we look forward to releasing Gore Cola, Root of all Evil, and others in the future. They make for excellent N/A options at bars and restaurants, easy pick-ups for cafes, and unique mixers for cocktail programs.

Current product lineup

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