Official Brand Overview

Beacon Blend makes small batches of organic juices and smoothies which are designed to benefit your health. Free delivery to Boston and Cambridge areas. LOCALLY OBSESSED Beacon Blend helps people living on the go lead healthier lives by delivering nutritious blends to our local communities of Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville. At this time, we can only accommodate orders that will be delivered locally. Our team of speedy couriers are ready to bike, scoot, and drive our blends to your office, home or event. Check out the blog for upcoming events with the community and reach out to say, hello! CULTIVATING HEALTH WITH INTENTION Not all juice is created equal. Beacon Blend is the first juicery in Massachusetts that does not remove the fiber from the juice. Made in small batches, each blend uses the whole plant and is designed to benefit your health. This way your body is receiving maximum nutrition and lower sugar levels. By using the whole food, we don’t discard the pulp and we don't waste food. Our juices, smoothies, and chia waters offer essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins and fiber to benefit a healthy lifestyle. You're welcome, mind-body-soul. NEVER PASTEURIZED, ALWAYS FRESH + ORGANIC Our organic blends contain no preservatives and are unpasteurized. Pasteurization is a technique that uses heat or pressure to bring the liquid to a high temperature. It’s designed to prolong shelf life, but in turn it damages enzymes and nutrients from fruits and vegetables — destroying the juice and smoothie's very intent. We make our blends fresh each morning without applying any heat. Because of this, we recommend consuming our blends within three days, ensuring taste, safety, and nutritional content are at their peaks.

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