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There is an ice cream man in the Farmer's Market in Los Angeles at 3rd and Fairfax, and he has been making his own ice cream there for years. B. Scott Bennett also has a shop there called The Refresher, where you can get lots of nostalgic sodas and mix them with ice cream to make floats. After so many years of making his own award-winning ice creams, Scott, who enjoys a delicious beverage from a glass bottle from time to time decided that it was time to create a soda of his own. First he created his caffeine-free lemon cola. Apparently the Coke people must frequent his stand because the Diet Lemon Coke came out almost immediately thereafter. Having had rave reviews from his customers about the Lemon Cola he decided that he would try something a little more radical. He has made spicy ice creams with habañero peppers and figured he'd make a cola with the same. Thus was born Bennett's Hot Cola which is so spicy it'll make your Pico De Gallo crow at four in the morning!

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