Beyond Kombucha

by Beyond Brands, LLC

Official Brand Overview

Beyond Kombucha began when three people with the same vision living in adjacent neighborhoods on the Brooklyn/Queens border were introduced by a mutual aquaintance in the Spring of 2010. The shared vision that brought them together was the production of a gourmet quality kombucha fermented tea using fine Asian, African and South American teas. A commitment to brewing something entirely beyond most people's image and ideas about kombucha was the common motivation to invest time, energy, and the necessary blood, sweat and tears. The consistent satisfaction of our customers and growing distribution network is testimony to the quality and consistency of our product. As we expand in New York, the vision for Beyond Kombucha has in turn expanded to embrace the model of micro-brewries with storefronts in cities all over the country, supporting local economies, reducing costs, and eliminating carbon emmissions that are generated by transportation networks that normally move product to markets all over the country from a central location.

Current product lineup