Official Brand Overview

Long before there was even a brand name, our original Pink Drink made its way into the most prestigious locker rooms in professional sports, popping up on TV screens and social media feeds everywhere. The drink that you’ve seen coming out of big sponsor bottles for years is backed by the best athletes and teams in the world, and is now available in a ready-to-drink format. We are leaders of the no sugar revolution in hydration, and have developed a Sports Drink that is not only good for you, but also the environment. Designed in the most natural way possible to keep you hydrated throughout the day, our Sports Drink is made from clean, quality ingredients. Our formula is sugar-free, contains all five essential electrolytes, and has no artificial flavors or colors. Created with sustainability in mind, our packaging is recyclable and contains a plant-based cap, offering an eco-friendly option that tastes great. The best kept secret in sports is no longer a secret – It’s Just The Truth! #DrinkBioSteelNotSugar

Current product lineup