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ready-to-drink bottled iced coffee / iced latte / iced mocha Instagram: @blackmedicine twitter: @bmicedcoffee It’s easy to mess up a good cup of iced coffee, so our small, dedicated team has done the hard work for you, bringing you the best iced coffee available. This is not a cold brew. Black Medicine is Pressure Brewed--small batches brewed hot, under nitrogen pressure, which provides a more complex and nuanced flavor profile. Black Medicine might surprise you with it’s subtle sweetness, smooth round body, pleasant fruit notes and perceptible acidity. We can’t make you like the good stuff in life, but we can bottle it and put it in your hands. Go ahead, enjoy. We know you want to. Black Medicine roasts, brews, and bottles in Oakland, California. Iced Coffee Iced Latte Iced Mocha

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