Official Brand Overview

A women-owned and operated business, BLNCD Naturals creates high quality beauty and wellness products inspired by the therapeutic properties of plant-based ingredients, including CBD. In efforts to provide a new beverage with purpose to consumers, BLNCD Naturals announced today the launch of its CBD sparkling waters. The Sparkling Waters are infused with custom terpene blends, CBD, and botanical extracts to deliver effective and tailored results to the customer. Inspired by its line of tinctures, The CBD Sparkling Waters are available in the same three refreshing terpene-infused varieties for tailored functionality. BALANCE, Blueberry Lemon: With a bright berry-citrus taste, this CBD beverage promotes overall health, wellness and mental clarity and is formulated to help manage stress. BLISS, Pink Grapefruit: Infused with mood-boosting terpenes and CBD, this lively blend features essence of grapefruit and promotes a positive attitude while naturally elevating energy levels and mental focus. CHILL, Berry Acai: A calming CBD beverage infused with terpenes that promote a peaceful equilibrium and ease anxious feelings in a lush berry-acai flavor. All Natural | Sugar Free | No Artificial Flavors

Current product lineup