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Official Brand Overview

BOD 2 O Natural Spring Water comes from within the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The spring flows from the Knox Aquifer which is the largest source of natural spring water in the Eastern United States. BOD 2 O Natural Spring Water never sees the light of day. Buried beneath rock formations before surfacing in the containment building, this quarantines any type of contaminations from outside influences. BOD 2 O Natural Spring Water is protected by a multi-barrier approach, which includes steps such as source protection and monitoring, and treatment such as micron filtration, ultra-violet disinfection, and ozonation. We utilize ozone instead of chlorine because it leaves no residual and it does not cause a taste or odor problem. Ozone is oxygen which is bubbled through water just before it goes into a clean, sanitized bottle. Within a few hours after the bottle has been filled and capped, the ozone dissipates or converts back to the same form of oxygen that we breathe. BOD 2 O Natural Spring Water is Body Approved.

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