Official Brand Overview

Boozer Hangover Remedy is a non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated, vitamin and herbal enriched 8.4 fl. oz. beverage. Boozer is pharmacist developed with ten years of trial and error. Boozer is designed to replenish and detox the body from the overconsumption of alcohol. Boozer also mixes well with various alcohols(i.e. coconut rum, vodka, tequila). Boozer is designed to drink one can at the end of your session, but is beyond save to consume 3 cans in a 24 hour period. If you forget to drink a Boozer before bedtime, just simply open one in the morning and within about 45 minutes the day will begin to look brighter. Boozer is classified as a hangover remedy and does not contain any form of caffeine, but with the vast amounts of nutrients will allow for an energy boost. Boozer even determined that sucrose would be a more effective sugar than high fructose corn syrup to aid in the shakes developed from the hypoglycemic(low blood sugar) caused by alcohol consumption. Boozer will be your next BFF!

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