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Review: Brain Juice

Posted: Oct 05, 2015 at 9:17 AM (Last Updated: Oct 07, 2015 at 4:47 PM)
Brain Juice is a hybrid energy and cognitive shot that’s billed as being “nutrients and energy for your brain.” The product, which is distributed at Whole Foods, has a clean list of ingredients that includes alpha GPC, green tea extract, blueberry, acai, chia gold seed extract, vitamins, amino acids and L-theanine. It’s sweetened with a blend of coconut nectar, stevia and monk fruit and has a flavor that we’d describe as relatively pleasant as far as shots go. It definitely tastes functional, but it’s lightly sweet and the flavoring is pretty neutral. The most important part being that it doesn’t linger too long when you’ve finished it. Functionally, the 75mg of caffeine is the most immediate and marketable benefit of the product. As for the other stuff, we think there’s going to be a challenge in communicating this to the consumer. The package, which is a 2.5 oz. plastic shot bottle, is, as is often the case with products in this category, covered with text. Figuring out how to simplify this would be a good idea. In addition, if this product is non-GMO, calling attention to this and the clean formulation would be a good idea. We do, however, like the branding in that it states what the intended function is and, thanks in part to the green color and the illustrated lettering, has a good for you vibe. Overall, there’s definitely some room for refinement in the messaging, but the liquid and the overall positioning of the product seem to have merit.